I had no plans to go to seminary. The idea of earning a master’s degree and following that up with a doctorate seemed crazy.
All of the classes appeared to be too academic, dry and impractical for my taste. But, I was wrong. In seminary the light went on.
Here I learned how to use the tools that would enable me to dig deeper into the Bible and life than I ever imagined. I loved it!

On the other hand, I found myself wondering how I was supposed to share everything I was learning. Where is the practical side
to all of my education? How do I help people connect with God and live out their faith in the real world? I had a problem.
Part of me greatly appreciated the academic side of life while another part of me longed to be intentionally practical.

For the past forty years I have devoted myself to building bridges that connect the academic and the practical sides of life.
The result is a collection of books that seeks to unite education about God to experiences with God
You should find all of these materials good for personal, family, church and home-school applications.

This is what I have learned: Teaching is the highway; transformation is the destination.
The combination of these elements constitutes the heart and soul of God’s plans for our lives!

May you find great satisfaction in this awesome journey!         Signature

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