In ordinary prayer we rely on God’s ears to hear us when we speak. In extraordinary prayer we also rely on God’s mouth to speak to us when we pray. In this book you will be encouraged with teachings and examples to pray with discernment by listening for God’s guidance. Prayer, when it is properly done, is far more than natural, it is supernatural!


FOLLOW UP —Book 1: Accepting the Invitation of Jesus
One of the most important works of the local church is that of follow-up. This is where you help new converts and new church members with the nuts and bolts of what it means to be a true follower of Jesus. In this three-book series you will learn three things:
(1) What it means to accept Jesus’ invitation (Mark 1:17)
(2) How you can become strong in the Lord, and
(3) How to share your faith effectively with others.

FOLLOW UP —Book 2: Accepting the Invitation of Jesus
When people become Christians, they need a certain amount of follow up in order to help them become mature in the Lord. The books in the Follow Up series are intended to meet that need. First, you will examine the invitation of Jesus to follow him. Second, you will explore the priorities Jesus has for your life. Third, you will embrace the four missions Jesus has set before you. In only six months you can go through all three of these 100-page books. They are ideal for everyone from Junior High upward.
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